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Old Glen Allen Properties, LLC
3016 Mountain Road,
Glen Allen, VA 23060
The Picture is after our new 2008 paint job by E.L.Hayes (804-305-1909).
There are many significant improvements.  Ask our Tenants!
Old Glen Allen Shops at 3016 Mountain Road
in "The Old Glen Allen Store"
The Old Glen Allen Shops - Italian Ice, Glen Allen Dance Center, Elephants & Giraffes, Hair Resources, Massage
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The Old Glen Allen Store - A Little History
Built around 1920, the "Old Glen Allen Store" has been a long time fixture in the area.  The building has
housed many different enterprises, including a post office, grocery store, feed store, and metal shop.  Now
an Antique Clock Shop, instructional Dance Center, Photographer and Hair Salon, have made their home
in the downstairs of the old "Glen Allen Store".  Academy Appraisal, Blue Heron Construction and Scents
of Serenity massage therapy operate upstairs.

The Mountain Road area of Glen Allen has a unique character, having a quaint, small town atmosphere.
Old Glen Allen Properties, LLC is proud to be a part of the revitalization of the area and hopes the
improvements to the building will help spark increased interest in the old Glen Allen area.

Improvements by Old Glen Allen Properties, LLC
Photos, before and just after acquisition - Good Mgt makes a difference!
2006 Renovated 3016-A (take a tour), Work included adding HCP accessible restrooms, major repairs,
floor by Davan Floors.  Call Bill at 804-328-0600.
2007 Added gravel parking on the west side of the building.
2008 Remodeled upstairs (take a tour), added heat pumps to B, C and D downstairs, painted exterior
2009 Remodeled 3016-C, painted and new floor by Nathan Perkins, 804-247-2284
2010 Worked on rezoning from R-2A to B-1C with help from Carter Design, 804-272-1146
2011 Rezoned.  Added Landscaping and paved parking.  Blue Ridge Development, 804-615-5393

Updated 2015-06-28
Have Fun in Old Glen Allen !!
Dance!! at the Glen Allen Dance Center

Find that special Antique Clock at
Time Is All It Takes!

Visit the Wren Gallery at

Look great with a cut or color from Hair Resources!

Feel good, enjoy a massage
Scents of Serenity!

Old Glen Allen Shops
Downstairs Businesses - see Floor Plan
3016-A  Time Is All It Takes              -            call John Lunze          at    804-248-9240
Glen Allen Dance Center       -        call Cecelia Marano     at    804-908-0965
Scents of Serenity Organic Spa     -    call Melanie Mueller  at   804-426-2799
3016-D   Hair Resources              -             call Lori Haden              at    804-756-7804

Upstairs Offices - see Floor Plan
Suite 201 - Academy Appraisal         -        call Fritz Hoffman           at   804-477-7068

For more information - call 804-651-8190

Other Local Interests
Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center - 2880 Mountain Road - 804-261-2787
Glen Allen Supermarket - 3007 Mountain Road - 804-672-1003
Virginia Cliffe Inn - 2900 Mountain Road - 800-266-7344
Crump Park and Meadow Farm Museum  - 3400 Mountain Road - 804-501-7275
Glen Allen Sports
Soccer - Richmond Strikers - 4801 Pouncey Tract Rd 23059 - 804-288-4625
Richmond Strikers

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The Old Glen Allen Shops - Italian Ice, Glen Allen Dance Center, Elephants & Giraffes, Hair Resources, Massage Therapy